Anya Hindmarch Geekifies Gift Hamper with iPod



Anya Hindmarch is the handbag designer who made women club each other to proclaim to the world: “I’m not a plastic bag.”

She was tapped by UK department store Selfridges to fill their famous holiday hampers with goods.

Her credit-crunch defying “Ultimate Girl’s Hamper” (price tag: £1,000 or a staggering $1,475), includes some of the usual fare: Ruinart Champagne, 40 bottles of nail polish, Marshmallow Fluff and a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” DVD.

You’ll notice from the image that just above the Fluff, however, is an iPod nano.

How did electronics creep into a holiday gift hamper?

Says Hindmarch: “I have always been fascinated by hampers, their history and Britishness. But am always disappointed by yet another basket whose contents I don’t actually want to keep.”

We hear you. The nail polish and Fluff will always run out, but the iPod will remain.

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