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Apple Now Controls Location Services on iOS 3.2 And Above



Wisely, Apple has always been adverse to using other people’s technology to drive its business, so with competitor Google supplying the tech for so many Apple services, it’s only common sense that Cupertino’s interested in taking the reins back.

Back in April, Apple managed to do just that, replacing its previous location service partners Google and Skyhook in favor of their own location databases… but only on iOS 3.2 or above.

Says Apple’s Bruce Sewell:

To provide the high quality products and services that its customers demand, Apple must have access to comprehensive location-based information. For devices running iPhone OS versions 1.1.3 to 3.1, Apple relied on (and still relies on) databases maintained by Google and Skyhook Wireless (“Skyhook”) to provide location-based services. Beginning with the iPhone OS version 3.2 released in April 2010, Apple relies on its own databases to provide location-based services and for diagnostic purposes. These databases must be updated continuously to account for, among other things, the ever-changing physical landscape, more innovative uses of mobile technology, and the increasing number of Apple’s customers. Apple has always taken great care to protect the privacy of its customers.

Where’d these location databases come from? 9to5Mac raises an interesting point: we’re probably seeing at least a few of the assets from Apple’s purchase of Quattro in play here.

Either way, Apple now controls location on iOS, and have all but crippled Google’s mobile ad business with iAds. Will they tackle search next?