James and Louis take on the world


Stuff Tech 1 from Stuff Tech on Vimeo.

This is ace. James Jobs and Louis Mirra are junior video podcasters who know what they like and know how to tell the world about it.

Things I like about Tech Stuff Podcast episode 1:

  • it’s short. Too many podcasts are so full of themselves that they insist on waffling on and on and on about rubbish. James and Louis don’t do any mucking about, they say what they want to say and then STOP. This is good
  • it’s got Cyberduck in it.
  • it’s made by kids
  • it’s more watchable than most podcasts made by adults
  • these lads are naturals in front of a camera

Things I don’t like about Tech Stuff Podcast:

  • the music. But I’m 38 and I can remember when Billy Bragg was cutting edge, what would I know?

Things that concern me about Tech Stuff Podcast:

  • Louis openly offers Vista help to the world. Does he have any idea what he’s letting himself in for?

Have your kids made a rockin’ tech podcast recently?

  • James Jobs

    Thanks, we will be making more episodes soon.