Got Any Questions For 37Signal’s Jason Fried?



Would you like to ask Jason Fried, founder and CEO of 37 Signals, a question? Tomorrow is your chance.

Tune in at 11AM, Thursday, July 22, to a livestream of an interview with Fried, courtesy of HP’s Input|Output series.

Fried’s 37signals is behind the popular, Web-based workgroup services Basecamp, Highrise, and others. But in addition to Web apps, Fried is also an expert on the modern workplace, and how “the new workplace in the new normal.”

Fried is becoming well-known for his strong opinions about the inefficiencies of the typical workplace and how it’s designed for distractions. His ideas are spreading via his popular blog and Twitter feed. This story from Inc. magazine — The Way I Work: Jason Fried of 37Signals — serves as an introduction to Fried’s approach.

I’ve been invited to live tweet during the webcast with Fried, and would like to invite you to submit your questions. Fried will be discussing everything about the modern workplace, from physical layouts to management practices and what tech-tools are indispensable.

The interview will be livestreamed on Thursday at 11 AM PST or 2 PM EST. Tune in using this link.

To ask a Jason a question, post it in the comments below or on Twitter. Address your question to @lkahney with the hashtag #hpio, or do it yourself during the webcast using the #hpio hashtag.

HP’s Input|Output series has featured Chris Anderson of Wired; Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class; and John Battelle, Federated Media. Coming up soon is Clay Shirky, the renowned author and teacher.