This incredibly cool PC case looks just like an Apple II


Raadition Apple II
Raadition is a dream for long-time Apple fans.
Photo: Zhuofei Wang

If you want to give your Hackintosh a genuine Apple feel, you have to checkout this awesome PC case. Raadition is designed to look exactly like the iconic Apple II, but it has space for the latest PC components, including an ATX motherboard and a full-size graphics card.

The Apple II plays an incredible significant part in Apple’s history. It made its debut in June 1977, and by the time production finally ceased in 1993, it had sold around 6 million units. It’s the computer that kept Apple afloat during its early years.

Because of this, the Apple II is fondly remembered by many long-time Apple fans. You can still find original units for sale on eBay, but they’ll cost you hundreds of dollars. And in 2017, there’s not a great deal you can do with them.

Buy Raadition instead

That’s why you should spend your hard-earned cash on the Raadition instead. This PC case is “the perfect copy of the Apple II,” according to creator Zhoufei Wang. But although it looks identical to a beloved relic, it’s perfectly usable today.

Raadition holds an ATX, m-ATX, ITX, or m-ITX motherboard just like a standard PC case. It packs six 60mm fans for cooling, and has enough space for two 2.5-inch hard drives, a full-size graphics card, and an SFX power supply.

The chassis is strong enough to hold a monitor up to 15kg in weight, and it has a built-in 68-key Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboard.

Raadition needs your support

Raadition is a Hackintosh case that any long-time Apple fan would be proud to place on their desk. But it needs your support to become a reality.

Pledge $239 through Indiegogo to help fund Raadition’s development and secure your case as soon as they start shipping.