Apple’s massive health push could mean its own medical clinics


apple store
An Apple store-style health clinic, anyone?
Photo: Apple

As part of its push into mobile health, Apple was reportedly in “deep talks” to buy Crossover Health, a health clinic company, which has offered employee healthcare to tech companies including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and others.

The acquisition would have put Apple in charge of a string of health clinics, which it could potentially have run like healthcare versions of the Apple store. However, despite stretching on for months, no deal ultimately materialized.

Crossover operates clinics in New York and San Francisco, with a focus on tech features like being able to book a same-day appointment using a mobile app.

The same report also claims that Apple approached nationwide primary care group One Medical. Multiple sources apparently confirmed both stories.

There’s no more word on what exactly Apple’s plans were, or why the talks collapsed. However, it suggests that Apple’s interests in healthcare are a lot more than just a few mobile apps for the iPhone and Apple Watch. A source told CNBC that the discussions about moving into primary care, “have been happening inside Apple’s health team for more than a year.”

At present, Apple is working with the FDA to find a way to make its devices more legitimate as medical, rather than just wellness, tools. Apple has also forged a number of links with leading research hospitals as part of its HealthKit and ResearchKit platforms.

Source: CNBC

  • Richard Meider

    Let’s not lose sight of the possible value proposition of Apple acquiring Crossover Health,
    with regards to strategic partnering possibilities with Crossover’s current clients;
    Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Appllied Material, and Linkedin. Think of the
    possibilities of these Silicon Valley icons team for the common cause of addressing
    preventative health; population healthcare; direct-to-consumer genome sequencing;
    and overall healthcare cost containment.

    Another important fact is that Crossover Health and Towers Watson are in partnership in
    the establishment of “on-site/near-site” employer clinics. Having Towers Watson, one of
    the top 5 corporate health insurance benefits brokers, provides implementation support,
    quality oversight and performance measurement services. Corporate doors would open
    when Towers and Apple knock!!

    Having access to large corporate entiies that can easily be the Trojan horse to
    gain access not only to offer preferential pricing of Apple products, but more
    importantly to access 10s of thousands patient data that could, in turn, be used
    for internal healthcare iniatives. I believe if Apple had acquired Crossover,
    a major payor would jump at the chance to partner and provide access to millions of
    patient data….thereby allowing Apple to compile a massavive anomized patient database.
    Another possibiility, Apple would have immediate access to enlist particiapnts in
    any clinical trial or research study.

    The possibiliites of Apple and Crossover partnering still may emerge, I hope!