This app quickly cleans up massive amounts of junk data on your Mac.

Every Mac could use a deep-cleaning kit like this


Dr. Cleaner Mac optimization app
Keep your Mac optimized by deleting junk files with Dr. Cleaner.
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This post is presented by Trend Micro, maker of Dr. Cleaner.

Your Mac is a complex machine. That means there are a lot of ways it can get clogged up. Whether it’s junk files or overused application memory, keeping a clean Mac is a lot like keeping a clean house. A little bit of regular tidying goes a long way.

That’s what Dr. Cleaner is. A little cleaning kit stored away for when you need it.

Opting for optimized memory

The Dr. Cleaner app presents a simple and quick way to give your Mac’s memory a good scrubbing. Although compact itself (only 20MB), Dr. Cleaner is feature-rich and can remove gigabytes worth of junk, oversize, duplicate and app files in one click.

The easiest way to use Dr. Cleaner is with the memory usage optimization feature. After installation, a Dr. Cleaner icon appears in your Mac’s top menu bar. Clicking that will open the main page. There, it serves up scan results in easily readable form. Upgrading to the Pro version of Dr. Cleaner will reveal details like which apps are taking up the most CPU cycles.

The result can be a significant improvement in Mac performance. Dr. Cleaner quickly scans the system, revealing the CPU, network and memory usage, along with the amount of space taken up by junk files. Clicking the Clean or Optimize buttons refreshes and clears these areas for a quick performance boost. And for those using iOS, Trend Micro offers a version of the same product for those devices, too.

Going for a deeper clean

Sometimes a surface wiping isn’t enough to get to the bottom of a gummed-up system. With Dr. Cleaner’s system optimizer feature, you can clear out everything from application logs and temporary iTunes files to browser caches and leftover data from uninstalled apps.

Dr. Cleaner breaks down these files and functions like this:

  • Junk files: Things like application caches, logs, iTunes temporary files, mail caches, etc.
  • Big files: Files exceeding 10MB in size, but you can also scan by date and type.
  • Duplicate files: While dupes are self-explanatory, Dr. Cleaner offers useful tools for deciding which version of a file to delete. Note: This is a premium feature.

All those file types can be cleared out by Dr. Cleaner. After a scan, everything that’s available for removal is presented in a simple, Finder-style window. Just select the categories you want to clean out, then click the button that says Remove.

Dr. Cleaner: A Mac optimization app

Dr. Cleaner also offers another pair of premium features: app manager and file shredder.

The first offers a more complete way to remove an app than simply dragging it into the trash. It clears out application support, preferences, cache and other folders often left behind.

File shredder, on the other hand, offers a more thorough way of deleting files than simply dragging them into the trash. It’s useful for anyone concerned about privacy and properly disposing of documents that contain sensitive information.

To help you better manage storage, Dr. Cleaner offers Disk Map, a feature that graphically displays the breakdown of file types on your device. This is a convenient way of getting a sense of the data balance on your machine.

All told, Dr. Cleaner is a convenient toolkit for anyone who wants to keep a tidy Mac system. The main download is free to try, with the option to upgrade for some of the premium features listed above.


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