T-Mobile tattoo lands Arizona man free iPhone 8


free iPhone 8
Philip Harrison got a free iPhone 8 from T-Mobile for this permanent advertising inked on his arm.
Photo: Philip Harrison/Twitter

There’s a story behind every tattoo, but there may be only one where the story includes a free iPhone.

Philip Harrison of Phoenix, Arizona called out to T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Twitter, saying he’d get the cellphone carrier’s logo tattooed on his arm if the company sends him a free iPhone 8.

Legere took the deal, Harrison followed through and earlier this week, Legere promised on Twitter to send him a new iPhone 8.

“My girl told me to get it (on the upper bicep) so then you’ll be able to hide it and I was like, that’s not where everyone can see it,” Harrison told CBS 5 in Phoenix. “I know it might sound crazy, but I was like, I got to stick to my word.”

Instead, Harrison had the tattoo artist ink the magenta logo on his right forearm.

After seeing a tweet, #TattooForPhillip, with a photo of the fresh tattoo, Legere responded: “Who. Nice tattoo!! Let’s get you that iPhone!!”

On Tuesday, Legere tweeted: “Still can’t believe you did it. Love that you’ll have T-Mobile w/you forever!”

Source: iDrop News