iOS 4 Users Reporting Widespread Issues With Bluetooth Headsets Across All Devices



The iPhone 4’s reception issues may get all the press, but there may be another big issue when it comes to iOS 4: a growing number of users are reporting that upon upgrading any iPhone to iOS 4, the performance and audio quality of Bluetooth headsets is vastly degraded.

The symptoms vary, but are usually reported as sounding “muffled,” “like you’re in a tunnel” or “far away” when using a Bluetooth headset with any iOS 4 device.

Users are also reporting significant issues over at the Jawbone forums, prompting a Jawbone spokesperson to comment:

We are aware of and concerned with the user frustration surrounding the issues affecting all Bluetooth devices (headsets, car kits, and speakers) connecting to the iPhone 4 and iOS4 updated phones. We know users have come to expect the freedom of hands-free and we are working night and day with our partners, Apple and AT&T, to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.”

The good news here is that since the problem does not appear to be specific to iPhone 4s, but rather to all iOS 4 devices, it is very likely that the forthcoming iOS 4.0.1 software update will solve the Bluetooth problems. The bad news is, of course, that this appears to be a universal problem across all devices, which means a much larger volume of people are being effected.

Anyone out there in CoM-land noticing Bluetooth issues with iOS 4? Let us know in the comments.