Fix iOS 11 update issues & recover lost iOS data


PhoneRescue can help make sure updating to iOS 11 doesn't mean dropping your data.
Photo: iMobie
  • JRA

    I have to say, this is a little disappointing from CultofMac. This “article” is no more than a sales pitch for a product that you should buy, just in case you happen to update without backing up first. To be fair, the link is for a free trial, but is that really what the headline implies? I was expecting to find out why backing up would be crucial for this update, and what data could be lost if I didn’t. Instead, I see a revenue generator.

    • mrmoo

      Agree. I wouldn’t mind free editorial for my product and services from time to time but being mildly deceptive is not a good look.

  • Abby_aa

    Actually, I lost some photos after updating to iOS 11. I will give this tool a try because it says there is a free trial. I hope this tool can be useful. Another reason for me to try this is, I have used their another product anytrans for a year to transfer my photos between my iPhone 7 and iPad mini 4.