iTunes U collections will move to Apple Podcasts soon


iTunes U
Apple's education-focused service first launched in 2007.
Photo: Apple

Apple has told educational institutions who use its iTunes U content that iTunes U collections will migrate to Apple Podcasts next month.

The transition will happen with the release of iTunes 12.7 in September.

iTunes U was first launched back in 2007 as a giant repository of educational material from university around the globe. It later expanded the service with the introduction of the iTunes U app in 2012. With the change, users will now be able to access the collections using the Apple Podcast app on iOS and Apple TV, with no way to download iTunes U course materials on Mac.

Public iTunes U collections will automatically be migrated in September, with all links redirected into Apple Podcasts at the time of transition. No action is required on the part of users, although Apple recommends institutions review their current iTunes U Collections and remove any out-of-date or unneeded content before the transition takes place. Apple Podcasts supports all the media types currently supported by iTunes U, except for ePub files. As a result, it may also be worth replacing ePub files with another supported file type, like PDF.

With the ever increasing popularity of podcasts, hopefully the transition of iTunes U collections to podcasts will help them reach a wider audience than ever.

Source: Apple

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