Early Reports Indicate iPhone 4 Displays Have Yellowing Issues



Cupertino’s been having some problems lately when it comes to yellowing on their more ambitious displays, and it looks like the iPhone 4 is no exception: numerous owners are reporting that their iPhone 4 Retina Display have come with visible yellow bands and spots.

Gizmodo’s up to 27 cases of yellowing and counting, which certainly seems like a huge number given the fact that the iPhone 4 isn’t even officially on sale yet. And a reader poll on Engadget has the number of yellow iPhone 4 retina displays at over eight thousand, or a little over 38% of those with iPhone 4s polled.

Anyone out there with an iPhone 4 noticed the same issue? If this is true, between the antenna issues and the screen yellowing, this might be the most problem prone hardware Apple has released in a long time.