Powerful new drawing app Linea is perfect for Apple Pencil

Powerful new drawing app Linea is perfect for Apple Pencil


Linea is simple yet powerful.
Photo: Iconfactory

Iconfactory, the awesome team behind apps like Twitterrific and Flare, just launched a stellar new drawing app for iPad. It’s called Linea, and it’s a perfect match for Apple Pencil, offering all the tools you’ll need for sketching, taking notes, and more.

“Modern drawing apps are powerful, but they can overload you with choices,” Iconfactory says. So they designed Linea to be simple, yet just as useful. “It gives you the right balance of power and control to sketch effortlessly.”

Linea gets out of your way and lets you focus on your work. The controls sit at the edges of the screen, allowing you to take advantage of the rest of the space. It offers five different tools that can be customized, and gives you five layers to work with.

You also get a whole bunch of pre-defined colors, but you can create your own in just a tap. Linea will automatically generate tints and shades with simple controls, and you can switch between plain paper, 3D isometric lines, traditional grids of different sizes, and more.

When your work is done, Linea lets you export it as a layered Photoshop document, a transparent PNG, or a JPEG. It also takes advantage of the sharing options in iOS to allow you to send your images via a whole host of different services.

What’s really great about Linea is that although it works great with fingers, it’s designed from the ground up to be a perfect companion to Apple Pencil.

If you’re looking for a drawing app that has all the basics and couldn’t be easier to use, Linea is it. You can download it from the App Store now for $9.99, which gives you access to everything (there are no in-app purchases).