Razer built an insane gaming laptop with 3 screens


Project Valerie is the coolest laptop... ever.
Photo: Razer

CES2017 Razer’s gaming laptops are some of the finest you can get your greasy mitts on, but none of them compare to the insane prototype the company teased today at CES in Las Vegas.

Dubbed “Project Valerie,” it’s the world’s first laptop with three screens — two of which gracefully slide away when you don’t need them.

Gaming laptops used to be a hard sell. They were big, bulky machines you wouldn’t want to carry anywhere. They were priced absurdly highly, and they were nowhere near as powerful as their desktop counterparts.

But in recent years, that’s changed. Razer and rival hardware makers have developed slimmer and more attractive machines, while advances made by the likes of Intel and NVIDIA have led to more power in your backpack than ever before.

Desktop chips and video cards still outperform those designed for mobile devices, but today’s gaming notebooks are capable of delivering the same jaw-dropping experiences in the latest games. But there’s one thing that laptops have always lacked: extra screens.

Sure, you can connect your gaming laptop to external monitors, but that defeats the purpose. Project Valerie gets around this by packing three 4K displays into one portable package. The screens slide out when you want to get your game on, and slide away again when it’s time to get moving.

Just look at how cool this teaser video is:

Of course, those additional displays do come with some drawbacks. Project Valerie is thicker than other Razer laptops at 1.5 inches, and it’s heavier at 550 grams. However, Razer insists it’s no thicker than the average 17-inch gaming laptop.

Project Valerie is powered by a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, but we don’t know much else about it just yet. Razer hasn’t told us what kind of processor it will have, how much RAM or storage we can expect, or how much the machine will cost.

This isn’t just a concept design, though. Project Valerie is a real laptop that’s on show at CES this week, so we hope to hear more from the show floor as attendees go hands-on with it.

  • The word “cool” gets banded about a bit liberally in this piece…

  • Jaca Paladium

    The next Apple Laptop will come w/o LCD screen…to save more battery and to stay more thin and light. Drop the USBs was just the beginning.

  • jmaustin


    I’ve seen this concept touted for years, decades even. I even own one iteration – a Lenovo with a side screen that pops out from the right side of the main display – that weighs as much as a pony. most of the concepts never make it to manufacturing and the ones that do are fatally compromised.

    So count me skeptical that we’ll ever see this one actually for sale or that – if it does make it out of the lab – it’ll look anywhere nearly as slim and elegant as it does in the prototype.

    But, as Miranda Priestly put it, “I had hope. My God. I live on it.”