Apple Responds To Adobe With Cool HTML5 Playground



As an indirect response to Adobe’s own We <3 Flash campaign, Apple has unveiled a wonderful new sandbox playground advocating HTML5, which allows users to play around and do a number of things in their browsers that they might not even know HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript can do.

It’s a lot of fun as a playground, and certainly shows what HTML5 can do. The only problem? It’s only viewable on Safari: try to run it on any other HTML5-capable browser and you get a message prompting you to download Apple’s own browser.

I love the new addition to Apple’s site, but what a misstep. Adobe is (hypocritally) advocating web openness, and Apple responds by saying, “HTML5 is the future of the open web…. but only if you use our browser.”

It’s a move that plays into Adobe’s hands. This is a site that should work on any browser with up-to-spec HTML5 compliance: instead, in response to Adobe’s complaint about walled gardens, Apple made their own HTML5 advocacy site another one.