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50 Mac Essentials #7: 1Password



Passwords. Loathe them or detest them from the depths of your innermost soul, they are a fact of life on today’s internet. And so many people use the same one everywhere.

1Password is aptly named. Once you give it control of your passwords, you don’t ever have to worry about remembering passwords again. You’ll only have to remember one – the one that unlocks 1Password itself.

And with that password out of the way, 1Password does all the work for you. It generates passwords – not rubbish easy ones, but proper, secure, crazy-mixed-up strings of letters and numbers and other characters. Passwords that will actually do the job of keeping your stuff secret.

Having generated them, it stores them (safely, encrypted) and smartly offers them up for use inside your browser whenever they are needed. It does more, too; it remembers your credit card details to make online shopping safer. It will remember your software licences for you. Basically, if it’s sensitive information, 1Password does the right thing and looks after it. All you have to do is remember your one password and enjoy the time & hassle it saves you.

For the price – just under 40 bucks – 1Password offers outstanding value for money and is a must-have app for anyone who hates having to dream up, remember, and manage loads of different online passwords. Which, let’s face it, is most people these days.

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