Sanders joins Trump in saying Apple should build its products in U.S.


Sanders wants Apple to feel the Bern.
Photo: Ste Smith/Jonathunder/Cult of Mac

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have something in common beyond being outsider candidates: both want Apple to manufacture its devices in the United States.

During an interview this week, Sanders was asked about Apple and said that, “I do wish they’d be manufacturing some of their devices, here, in the United States rather than in China.”

In doing so, he echoes (often derided) comments made by Republican rival Donald Trump, who earlier this year said that he was, “gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.”

In the wake of Trump’s comments, many commentators rushed to point out the impossibility of Apple manufacturing its devices in the U.S. — ranging from lack of manufacturing skills in the United States to cheaper production costs to the plethora of suppliers based in places like China.

Sanders also told the New York Daily News in his interview that he wishes Apple “would not [try] to avoid paying their fair share of taxes” — referencing the repeated accusations that Apple engages in tax avoidance schemes by moving its profits around the world thanks to its status as a multinational.

Apple, for its part, has repeatedly claimed that it pays ever cent it owes. During last year’s “Inside Apple” episode of 60 Minutes, Tim Cook labelled reports that Apple doesn’t pay its taxes as, “total political crap.”

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