Superhero fighting game adds Dawn of Justice characters


Dawn of Justice Injustice Gods Among Us
I've been waiting to see this since Man of Steel ended.
Photo: Warner Bros.

If you’re in the (presumably small) subset of people who are both looking forward to the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film and still playing the Injustice: Gods Among Us iOS game, you’ll be excited to know that a new update has tossed the two properties together like some kind of super salad.

The film’s release is still three weeks away, but the clash of heroes could be happening in your iPhone or iPad right now if you don’t mind putting in some work. Check out the new characters in action in the trailer below.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a free-to-play title that takes place in an alternate universe in which Superman killed the Joker and then became straight-up evil. The superheroes and villains of the world split into those who support the Last Son of Krypton’s crazy regime and the resistance fighters trying to bring it down.

From now until April 13, players can complete a series of challenges (or make an in-app purchase) to add director Zack Snyder’s versions of Superman and Wonder Woman to their rosters. If you want to play as Bat-fleck, however, he’s only available in the “Dawn of Justice Gold Pack,” which you can pick up by trading in some of the game’s arbitrary Power Credits. You can earn those by completing matches in-game or — you guessed it — buy them with actual money.

We aren’t sure if this will inspire excitement about either property, to be honest, but the character models look alright. The update also adds supervillains Black Adam and Sinestro, the arch-nemeses of Captain Marvel and Green Lantern, respectively, but we’re really more interested in throwing some damage at the new, supbar version of Superman.