How to animate iOS 9’s app icons


Here's how to animated iOS's app icons.
Here's how to animate iOS app icons on your homescreen.
Photo: Apple

By default, iOS doesn’t support animated icons, although there are a few exceptions: the Clock app, for example, or the way the Settings icon used to animate when you were downloading an OTA update. But wouldn’t it be great if every icon on your homescreen animated? Yes, it would … but unfortunately, only jailbreakers can make that happen.

The new tweak is called Fingal, and it fills the niche that another old Cydia tweak, Motion, used to fill: It brings your homescreen’s app icons to life with subtle-but-cool animations.

Thanks to the ShakeIt pack, Fingal comes with some cool icon animations by default: a spinning radar for Find iPhone, a moving vehicle in the Maps icon, and a spinning gear in the Settings app. I think it brings some dynamic life to the iOS homescreen, don’t you?

If you want to install Fingal, you can download it from the ModMyi repo by adding it to Cydia.

Via: ModMyi

  • lu.

    Oh man… This is a bad joke, isn’t it? The idea and the look is just horrible. If they have to animate then like the whole homescreen already does: with 3D-Animations while moving the phone.

  • Chris Jones

    Looks like something that’ll use processor power and therefore drain the battery quicker.

  • Jay

    That would be incredibly distracting. I do wish they’d change the weather icon to reflect the actual weather, though. That would be cool.

  • lee scott

    It would be nice to see a how-to on this…