Apple Watch Hermès wings its way online Friday


Hermes Apple Watch bands are now available on their own.
Hermes Apple Watch bands are now available on their own.
Photo: Apple

The bulk of the country is about to get some very good news for their senses of style — and bad news for their bank accounts: The super-luxe Apple Watch Hermès will be available for purchase online at the end of this week.

Up to now, you’ve had to live in (or travel to) specific Apple and boutique stores in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, or Toronto to pick up the especially fancy editions of the Apple Watch. But starting Friday, you’ll just have to go to either Apple or Hermès’ official sites to score one of your own.

Apple launched the fanciest of fancy Apple Watch bands in October, presumably to position its smartwatch as a premium, deluxe fashion accessory. And to that end, availability of the Apple Watch Hermès has been incredibly short, with its sales limited to 18 stores worldwide. But supply and demand have apparently dictated a wider release.

The Hermès is available in both 38mm and 42mm faces, just like every other Apple Watch, and they’re stainless steel like the mid-tier version of the device. But the special sauce comes from the three specially designed bands in four colors.

The styles are the Double Tour, which wraps around the wearer’s wrist twice; the Single Tour, which wraps around once; and the thicker Cuff, which is “inspired by equestrian fixtures.” Obviously.

Color-wise, you’ll be able to choose from Fauve Barenia (light brown), Etain (dark brown), Capucine (red), Bleu Jean (blue), and Noir (black) but not all of these options will be available for every style and face size.

For example, the Cuff will only come in Fauve Barenia with a 42mm face, and the Double Tour will only come in the 38-mm size, but it will have every color option. Unless you want black, which is exclusive to the Single Tour. But you can’t get that one in blue, and suddenly this just turned into one of those logic puzzles with the grids we used to do.

As for price, you’re looking at a starting cost of $1,100 for the Single Tour, $1,250 for the Double Tour, and $1,500 for the Cuff. So they’re a steal compared to the still-ridiculous Apple Watch Edition, but you can tell whom Apple and Hermès are targeting with this product.

The Apple Watch Hermès will be available at both Apple‘s and Hermès‘ sites starting January 22.

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