Expect the Apple Watch 2 in September, not March


Round Apple Watch
Don’t expect new Apple Watch 2 hardware in March?
Photo: Oh NamKyung

If you’re expecting the second-gen Apple Watch to drop in March, think again. A new report suggests that while we might see new bands and partnerships announced in two months, a revised version of the Apple Watch hardware itself will not be on the table.

Techcrunch’s Matthew Panzarino says that he’s heard the Apple Watch won’t be marching to the yearly beat of Apple’s typical upgrade drum:

I’m not so sure that we’ll be seeing it that early. Several things that I’ve heard (from several sources) indicate to me that we won’t see a new hardware model of the Apple Watch in March. Design partnerships, accessories, that kind of thing maybe but not a “Watch 2.0” with a bunch of new hardware features like a camera.

Instead, Panzarino thinks the Apple Watch 2 will wait for a September debut, just in time for the iPhone 7 to debut with some deep Apple Watch 2 integration.

[T]hat would put the gap at close to two years between the initial introduction and the announcement of a new model. Though the hardware shipped later, the gap between introductions seems like it could be a better bit of breathing room between major versions. This would allow for more significant advances in hardware, and also could prevent customer exhaustion.

Personally, we’ve heard so little concrete information about what an Apple Watch 2 would even look like that I’m personally inclined to believe this report… even though it flies in the face of a recent report that it will drop in March.

Source: Techcrunch

  • TeeJay2000

    If I were a suspicious person [holding AAPL shares], I would wonder if the rumors about an Watch 2 release in March was ‘planted’ to slow holiday sales. We will see soon enough.

    • Ken Acipullec

      I might argue that due to slower holiday sales (people thinking that the new watch would be coming out soon and holding of … present company included) that to now say it won’t be coming out until september then some people may jump the gun now. If I had known a month ago then I might have bought one then.

  • TS

    It’s fairly short sighted of Apple to release all of their new products around September along with possibly now the Watch. Don’t they realize that people can buy more of their things when it’s spread out throughout the year? And I highly doubt the products are all coincidentally considered ready annually in mid-September

    • RoboBonobo

      Nobody said you have to buy everything on release day. My own anecdotal evidence would suggest most people buy Apple products when they’re ready, regardless of when the next iteration is due.

  • jay

    apple will push all hardware to the end of the year dues to the holiday season.