Woz admits Steve Jobs wasn’t always a nice guy


The Woz tells it like it is.
The Woz tells it like it is.
Photo: Universal Pictures

Steve Jobs will be remembered as much for his negative personality traits as for his marketing genius, says Steve Wozniak in a new featurette for the upcoming movie, Steve Jobs.

The Woz waxes nostalgic about his friend and co-founder of Apple as his own recollections are interspersed with scenes and quotes from the movie.

“Steve Jobs is known for having some negative personality characteristics,” says Wozniak, “but did he balance the good with the bad or did the bad lead to the good?”

Check out the video embedded below to hear what Woz thinks.

“More than anything else,” says Wozniak, “Steve Jobs wanted to be known as the person known for it all.”

Woz compares Jobs to a technological leader like Edison, while in the same breath saying he might also be remembered for his negative personality, something that “will go with his legacy forever.”

He also talks about his friendship with Jobs as “Steve Jobs-zero,” a more playful time in their lives where the two played pranks, laughed together, and had adventures: the public Jobs we all know was created by Steve Jobs himself.

“He really manipulated his own legacy,” says Woz.

Steve Jobs, written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, will be in select theaters October 9 and everywhere else on October 23.

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