$5 service will break up with Comcast for you


Cancelling your cable plan is a more difficult process than it should be.
Cancelling your cable plan is a more difficult process than it should be.
Photo: Mike Mozart/FlickrCC

I wonder how many actual hours I’ve wasted sitting on hold, navigating audio phone menus and arguing with cable company representatives over why I want to cancel my service. I’m betting it’s a lot, and I’m betting that you have been victim to this ridiculous gate-keeping system, too.

AirPaper, a new internet service out of the San Francisco Bay Area, will cancel your Comcast cable subscription — one of the hardest plans to cancel — for just five bucks.

All you need to do is give AirPaper your name, email, phone, address and Comcast account number. AirPaper promises to never use this information for any other purpose than canceling Comcast.

“We use your information exclusively to complete the process,” says the AirPaper FAQ. “We will store your data securely and never sell your information under any circumstance.”

This is pretty brilliant, in light of some of the horror stories circulating around the internet, including this nightmare Comcast call that’s been preserved on YouTube. Trigger warning for excessively annoying service representative double-speak.

I’d be happy to pay $5 to get out of that, wouldn’t you?

AirPaper also hopes to help you handle such time-consuming tasks as getting a San Francisco parking permit, getting a Visa to go to China, and registering your business in San Francisco — bureaucratic processes that may be only a bit more maddening than canceling your cable service.

You can sign up for Comcast cancellation right now, or drop your email in to be notified when any of the other services are available.

Via: Geek.com