Enable the Emoji Keyboard in iPhone OS 4.0 [How To]



While the Emoji keyboard is not new to the iPhone, it seemed as if it was disabled in iPhone OS 4.0 .

For those of you developers big into the Emoji keyboard, here is how to regain the Emoji keyboard while still using iPhone OS 4.0 :

1- Run your Emoji app; exit app when prompted ( I used Emoji Free for this procedure )

2- Go to the Settings application

3- Go to General

4- Go to International

5- Go to Keyboards

6- Select Add New Keyboard

7- Scroll down to the “Emoji” keyboard. Voila! Now you have your Emojicons back for use in email, SMS and more. Enjoy!


-Does not work if you go to the Keyboard settings selection directly.

-Reset your device after this procedure in order to properly regain Emoji.

-You cannot delete the Emoji keyboard after conducting this procedure.

  • renb

    That’s what the emoji app says to do too but you say ‘voila’ and it’s there – it’s not there with OS4. so we need the step between ‘select new keyboard’ and ‘voila’ cos I scrolled down and the only keyboard starting with E is Estonian.
    Anyone else got a more thorough solution?

  • guest

    i can get the emoji keyboard but when i go to text it’s not there…but i accidentally found it when typing something in the app store…why isn’t it there for texting?

  • Rottie

    I got it to work. I did what Jose Gutierrez wrote above, but it didn’t work. to get it to work, run the app og reboot your iphone. Then I did as Jose Gutierrez wrote above and the emoji can be found.

  • Tgadmin

    I dont think its working with IOS 4.3. All I get is the Emoji app and when you hit enable emoji I get sent to the app store for emoji plus.

  • renb

    thanks everyone for your help. itunes refunded me the app fee but i didn’t care about that. i want my emoticons! so much less tapping than words and they convey so much more. still need a solution to get around the iphone OS4.3…

  • renb

    done the re-boot – emoji keyboard still must be crouching behind tiger or hidden behind dragon. most frustrating. think it’s an iphone S glitch that needs to be technically medicated so i might have to go to Apple HQ and get them to sort software. bummer.

  • Jim Simon

    For all you saying it’s not there… Look further… It’s under Japanese language selections :)

  • Jim Simon

    Also… be sure to use the emoji free! (With exclamation point) That’s the one I used and it worked as described.

  • JB

    I just had to re-boot as well then it shows up.

  • .02

    I’m using iOS 4.3 I install “Emoji Free!” and it worked perfectly as described

  • Mokneeca151

    I have the same problem!!! The emoji is not located in my keyboard!!

  • Richard Haddow

    Can i add new images to the Emoji keyboard or is set.

  • Sosa_girl911

    guys just turn off your iphone after opening emoji for the first time then open it again and do what he said

  • Mspr123

     thanks dude, but it’s still working without a re-start :)

  • Bodypumper

    I got a new iPhone (3GS) and I was able to get my emoji icons on my facebook, but not with texting. I went back into Apps, and installed Emoji Free, and it worked! Thanks for you help!

  • Help others get emoji

    My gf told me that you could add emoji without a download. Me being an educator who constantly reads could not settle with believing her. I read and researched and tried the following: Settings>General>International Keyboard>Add New Keyboard…>Added Both Japanese…Restarted a few times and nothing happened. She kept telling me it just pops up and says emoji. I started this 2 days ago. Today day 3 it literally popped up as an option under Estonian. SO Wierd, I don’t understand but that is just what happens…Please Post your results.

  • ^.^

    oooh ok here i feel so stupid. what you do is click the emoji free! app button and wait for a bit until a screen shows up asking you if you’re ready to install, click yes, do as it tells you to after it’s installed, ‘voila’

  • Grigori Gazarian

    I just did this on my iPhone 4 w/ iOS 4.4.3 and was able to add the Emoji keyboard. Thanks! It should be as easy as that.

  • Axcel173

    i have the same problem …no emoji to ‘voila’  pls advice! i went thru hundredsss timesss still no emoji to b seen!

  • Kevin

    At first, My iPhone3GS (4.3) would not show emoji even after I had enabled it in Emoji Free! and Spell Number, but after I rebooted it “Emoji” was right there under Keyboards. Thanks you very much for your help!

  • stephen fleming

    Guys..I installed emoji..had trouble with appearing in the keyboard menu.. i powered my phone off fully and restarted it.. it appeared in the menu after that..thanks for the help below..

  • Lorraine Linstead

    I can get the keyboard – well it is listed in my international key setting but it is not showing up when i am in WhatsApp chat or anywhere else. I have powered off my iphone twice…what am I doing wrong?

  • Fanita Sin

    Yep I also have that problem ‘voila’

  • Fanita Sin

    I restarted more then TWO TIMES, but the result was the same! There was no emoji in additional keyboard

  • Fanita Sin

    I use iOS 4.3.3. It doesn’t work!

  • Fanita Sin

    lol :D

  • Fanita Sin

    I feel like throwing my ipad2 away. It’s really frustrated

  • Fanita Sin

    Congrate, but mine is sucked!

  • guest 1

    previously my emoji keyboard is working well.. after ‘reseting all’ my iphone 4 (OS 4.3), i downloaded the app again.. but cannot find ’emoji’ in the new keyboard list.. restarting the iphone also doesn’t work.. pls advice…

  • Flaviopiu

    I installed Emoji Free!
    Run the app
    Reboot the iphone (4.3.2)
    Run the app again..

    It´s working for me…

  • Thort

    You really need to reset iphone before emoji is available as a choice in  genera > keyboard > international Keyboard.

  • Cathy Taylor

    Perfect, I went to Keyboard instead of going to International first and then to Keyboard. Emoji was on the list so I was able to click on it and get it working again. Thanks for your help!

  • lag

    I first got the free Emoji app, thought the keyboard idea was neat so hit the Enable Emoji button and paid the $.99.  I followed the instructions and voila!  I had the keyboard.  But I discovered that my emails sent boxes to Outlook.  So I paid the $1.99 for Emoji Mailer.  It also sends boxes to Outlook even though it advertised otherwise.  I wrote a snitty review, adding a few unhappy and angry Emojicons.  But I notice that these appear as boxes on their website while the Emojicons of other commenters show up just fine.  So, with my iphone 4s, I am able to use the Emojicons, but no one receives them, not even apple.  Thoughts?

  • catdog_wikihow

    Thanks a mill!

  • Farwa

    It really did work thank you for your help…..