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Enable the Emoji Keyboard in iPhone OS 4.0 [How To]



While the Emoji keyboard is not new to the iPhone, it seemed as if it was disabled in iPhone OS 4.0 .

For those of you developers big into the Emoji keyboard, here is how to regain the Emoji keyboard while still using iPhone OS 4.0 :

1- Run your Emoji app; exit app when prompted ( I used Emoji Free for this procedure )

2- Go to the Settings application

3- Go to General

4- Go to International

5- Go to Keyboards

6- Select Add New Keyboard

7- Scroll down to the “Emoji” keyboard. Voila! Now you have your Emojicons back for use in email, SMS and more. Enjoy!


-Does not work if you go to the Keyboard settings selection directly.

-Reset your device after this procedure in order to properly regain Emoji.

-You cannot delete the Emoji keyboard after conducting this procedure.