Apple Invites Media To Oct. 14 ‘Notebook’ Event



“The spotlight turns to notebooks.” So goes the just-released invite from Apple to an Oct. 14 media event. The e-mail to media appears to lend credence to a bevy of reports that Cupertino is set to launch a low-cost notebook computer.

Earlier this morning, a number of tech news sites, lead by the Inquisitir, reported an $800 laptop is among a price list that was released to Apple retailers.

The rumors were also backed up by a series of leaked photos published by a Taiwan website. Among the photos was a 13-inch aluminum Apple laptop.

Analysts have speculated Apple may “refresh” its hardware with a sub-$1,000 Mac. Long known for its pricey hardware, Apple has seen its sales impacted by the sluggish economy.


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12 responses to “Apple Invites Media To Oct. 14 ‘Notebook’ Event”

  1. teraOm says:

    Wow so nice to see apple call the price.
    Here are a few discrepencies

    1. Apple has just called for the press.
    2. Prices are known to the world during the keynote address and not to retailers before hand.
    3. new macs ll possibly be available only after 20 days
    4. $ 800 – G4 or G5?? macbooks? what configuration?

  2. Gary McRoberts says:

    I am baffled by your comment teraOm. Yes apple just announced this to the press as it’s a press event of which the details will also be released to the public. Prices would not be known to retailers otherwise they would also know about the products and would leak the information before the event, so it makes sense that prices are announced with the products on the day. Not sure what the comment about 20 days is for and certainly not sure why you would mentioned G4 or G5 as all Macs are now use Intel chips.
    The event IS for Macbooks because it’s a notebook event and again the configuration is something that would be released the day of the event.

  3. Cowardly Bastard says:

    yeah teraOm. wtf are you talking about???

  4. Linhbergh says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but that “ad” is the worse piece of design apple has put forth in well… forever! Common Apple, the economy can’t be hitting you that hard that’d you have to resort to interns and whatnot! :p

    But, I’m pretty excited about this event. Apple already has my money for their new line of notebooks, and I don’t even know how “aggressive” their new price line is, or what those notebooks actually entail –but I want one.

  5. Julian says:


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  6. Thomas says:

    Hmmm, my MBP graphics card /display appears to be dying again (completely died about 4 months ago, now it’s just the built in screen), would it be wise to take it in after the release and just ask for a new notebook? It has the nVidia graphics that is known to have problems. Covered by warranty still….any thoughts? I don’t want to get another bad chipset, I want something that will work for good, not fail in another 6 months.