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Reports Indicate Some iPads Prone to Overheating in the Sun



The iPad’s display may be gorgeous, but if you’re going to read outdoors, you’ll probably want an e-ink reader: if your retinas don’t pucker into singularities from rays of direct sunlight bouncing off of the glass fdisplay, your iPad might still melt into a toxic soup and pour through your fingers.

Well… okay. We cop to the hyperbolic here, but exaggeration aside, the iPad has some significant overheating issues if widespread overheating issues.

Perhaps the problem is best summarized by PC Magazine’s Zach Honig, who posted this image on Twitter… the end result of using his iPad for ten minutes in direct sunlight on a 70 degree day in New York City. He had to pop his iPad in the fridge to get it running again.

As it turns out, the iPad has the same operating temperature as the iPhone, but it appears that the iPad’s size and speed make it a lot more likely to shut off due to internal temperature.

Apple still hasn’t commented on the issue… but it’s a worrying development as summer fast approaches.

Still, this isn’t the first Apple product with overheating issues, and I think the same rule of thumb applicable to other Apple devices is just as applicable here: Apple portables, equatorial sun and tropical climes just don’t mix.

Any of our readers out there had similar overheating issues? Let us know in the comments.