iProduct Placement: Confessions of a Shopoholic



Movie stills for forthcoming chick flick “Confessions of a Shopoholic” show star Isla Fisher sitting in front of a MacBook. She’s pretty in pink and so is her computer case.

The movie, based on Sophie Kinsella’s book of the same title, is about a 25-year-old financial journalist who can’t stop overheating her credit cards. And finds a wealthy husband. Or something like that.

Film producers didn’t have to go too far to put a Mac in the movie.

On page 335 of the book, the Becky Bloomwood character has “a crisp copy of the Financial Times under one arm, a pair of tortisehell glasses perched on my head, my clunky executive briefcase in one hand and an AppleMac laptop (sic) in the other. Maybe I over did it.”

Nah, we think it’s just the right touch.

  • GXWalsh

    too far…not “to far”

  • Nicole Martinelli

    fixed, thanks.

  • Mike

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