Up Next: iGroups, Apple’s Social Location App



Apple has devs to the grindstone for a new social networking app called iGroups.

Patently Apple reports that docs out today from the US Patent Office describe a new service that would work on your iPhone and probably MobileMe, too.

Let’s say you’re attending SXSW: iGroups would keep you in touch with your co-workers and friends by allowing you to share your location plus info and comment on events as they happen, greatly facilitating which parties or events are worth attending or already over.

To accomplish this, iGroups reportedly employs a sophisticated cryptographic key generation system to ensure security and privacy.

The patent also states that if one of group devices lacks true positioning technology, Apple’s MobileMe service would provide “virtual GPS” capability to that user so they can still know the whereabouts of other group members.

Would you welcome a geo-location social networking app from Apple, or prefer to stick to Gowalla or Foursquare?

Or do you plan to shun the “Where’s Waldo?” world altogether?

Via Patently Apple, The Next Web

  • Ruchinee

    Truthfully, the Apple check-in/comment app sounds way cooler. Foursquare is fun and all but I want more from it. The checking in for badges and points just seems to be redundant. I really dig the utility and social aspect of the iGroups. I think the sweet spot for these types of apps need a combination of community and utility. I work for Crowdbeacon and it is one of the more utility based apps.