Snapchat is starting to lock jailbreakers out of their accounts


More not good news for Snapchat jailbreakers.
Not good news for Snapchat jailbreakers.

Do you jailbreak? Might want to watch your Snapchatting, then. The video messaging platform is starting to lock out users who uses Snapchat-related jailbreak tweaks to hack the core features of the service.

The move was first noted by Jeff Benjamin over at iDownloadBlog, who said he and other users of Snapchat-oriented jailbreak tweaks are being locked out of the service.

A prominent tweak that Snapchat seems to be looking for is Phantom. One of the more popular Snapchat tweaks on the Cydia app store for jailbreakers, Phantom allows users to spoof locations, save media (pretty much eliminating the core perk of the service), set custom notification sounds and more.

Benjamin notes that the lockout isn’t permanent. If you disable or uninstall your Snapchat-related tweaks, Snapchat is happy to let you back in. That said, it appears Snapchat’s tolerance for those willing to hack their devices to flout the company’s terms of service are at an end.

Of course, as with all things jailbreak, this is ultimately a game of cat-and-mouse. Expect Snapchat jailbreak tweak devs to figure out ways around the lockout, even as Snapchat introduces new methods of detecting jailbreak users. And so it goes, turtles all the way down.

Source: iDownloadBlog