Milan Apple Store, as Fashion Backdrop



The Sartorialist, aka Scott Schuman, occasionally shoots his on-the-street fashion stories using Mac stores as a backdrop.

Just in time for Milan shows, he snaps a fleeting fashionista in front of the blink-and-you missed it Apple reseller on Via Mercato.

The best thing about the otherwise unremarkable store in the city’s chic Brera neighborhood are the staff’s black T-shirts candidating Steve Jobs for mayor. Now that’s a statement.

4 responses to “Milan Apple Store, as Fashion Backdrop”

  1. Andrea Nepori says:

    Hey Nicole! Nice to read you here! I’m a fan of yours since that piece about the clothes-drying habits here in Italy? Do you remember that? :-)

  2. Nicole Martinelli says:

    Are you kidding — I’m still using the thing to tell me whether it’ll be dry enough to hang the laundry out!