Why supermodel Christy Turlington Burns loves her Apple Watch


Christy Turlington Burns wants you to buy an Apple Watch. Photo: Cult of Mac
Christy Turlington Burns wants you to buy an Apple Watch. Screenshot: Cult of Mac

During last week’s Apple Watch event, Apple brought our 46-year-old Glamour supermodel Christy Turlington Burns to stand alongside Tim Cook and explain a little bit about how she’s using the Apple Watch to train.

After the event, Vogue caught up with Turlington Burns to talk to her in more detail about what it’s actually like to use the Apple Watch. And while there’s no new details, it’s still interesting to hear someone who is so influential in the fashion world have such a “gee whiz” moment about Apple’s new wearable.

In the video, Turlington Burns appears to be wearing the Stainless Steel Apple Watch. Here’s what she has to say about the device (transcription courtesy of RazorianFly):

Hi, I’m Christy Turlington Burns. I’m here in San Francisco with my Apple Watch. There’s my husband [Burns shows her “friends” ring on Apple Watch]. I can send him some… Emojis… that I have on this, and he can get them on his device without having the watch, so – you know – I can send him hearts, etc. It’s so chic, honestly. And when you kind of move with it everyone’s like… What is that? Where did you get that?

So, I do the time, my schedule, temperature… There’s my loops. [Burns points to each of the customised sections on her chosen Apple Watch face]. I’m a sort of a really low-tech person … honestly, and I’ve found it to be so useful… it’s like a running companion more than anything. I mean, now I’m almost motivated to do different types of runs, to do loops… to just kinda’ play with it.

Vogue: “And are you the kind of person that’s always on time?”

Burns: I try to be, [laughs], a couple of times (maybe) – but yes, I’m respectful of other people’s time…

Turlington Burns’ opinion shouldn’t be discounted just because she’s a model. Time named her one of the 100 Most Influential People of the Year in 2014, and Turlington Burns is known just as much for her substantial humanitarian activities as she is for the longevity of her modeling career. This is a smart, down-to-earth woman who is heard by both fashion moguls and mom-next-door types, and the fact that she is endorsing the Apple Watch is a stroke of genius on Apple’s part.

Via: Razorian Fly