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Old iPods, Mice, Cords: It’s all Art



Fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura wove old iPods, mice and keyboards into a series of artworks on show at Nanzuka Underground in Tokyo until March 20, Japan Trends reports.

We’ve seen a few artistic reincarnations of defunct iPods but love the way he’s turned that tangle of useless cables we all have in a drawer into something more: the work is intricate enough that it takes awhile to spot the NSFW element in at least one of them.

Called “MODE less CODE,” Tsumura explains the inspiration thusly:

“The surface of the city, where mode melts unclearly and stopped to work, floats in the air wondering to look for warmth in those old days impossible to go back. This is my challenge to make another dreamy code by using affectionate traditional craft-techniques such as “knitting by hand” and “patchwork,” and to put good sleep to the functional monster called “development,” which is flooded with the jungle of mechanical codes, and natural design made of chemical materials.”

Via Japan Trends