Mega-investor Carl Icahn calls buying AAPL a ‘no-brainer’


Carl Icahn is coo-coo for AAPL.
Carl Icahn is coo-coo for AAPL.
Photo: Forbes

Apple just had a killer quarter. In fact, it was the most profitable quarter for any company in history. As such, Apple stock is up 5 percent since Wednesday trading.

But has Apple peaked? Not according to legendary investor Carl Icahn, who recently told CNBC that he was not only raising his own Apple stock price target, but called buying AAPL a “no-brainer.”

“I don’t recommend too many stocks, I don’t like to do that unless I think it’s a no-brainer,” Icahn said in the CNBC interview. “And this one is sort of amazing to me, because you know every decade you get one of these — maybe two or three…. I guess we’re going to have to revise our guidance.”

Icahn is a mega-investor in Apple, owning more than $4.4 billion in Apple shares. His relationship with Apple is a complicated one, though: Other Apple investors have called him a Johnny Come Lately as Icahn rallied shareholders to (successfully) demand a stock buyback.

It’s also been said that Icahn might have an ulterior motive in all of his plotting within Apple: He might want Apple to buy Nuance.

So it’s possible this is just the latest iteration of Icahn’s plotting. But at least he believes in Apple … for now.

Source: CNBC