Be My Eyes, Due 2 and other awesome apps worth checking out



There’s a lot of cool stuff that gets submitted to the App Store, but rarely does an app try to make such a profound impact on humanity as Be My Eyes.

The idea is simple: volunteers help the blind complete tasks by literally lending their eyes via the iPhone’s camera. When someone needs help, you get a push notification. If you have time, you can answer and have the person guide you through what they need help with. If you’re busy and ignore it, the next volunteer in line will get a notification. For a better idea of how it works, check out this great promo video.

The app, designed by the excellent Danish software studio Robocat , is built like like a social network for quickly connecting those in need with helpers. It’s a non-profit initiative with a great cause, and probably the easiest way you can be charitable without giving money (although Be My Eyes also accepts donations).

Available on: iPhone

Price: Free

Download: App Store

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