Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer MacBook Bag Is Just Plane Great [Review]



The Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer bag is designed specifically to get your MacBook through an airport security screening.

No more pulling out your MacBook and putting it in a plastic bin. With the Checkpoint Flyer, you can leave your MacBook inside the bag and breeze through the X-ray machine.

How? The Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer is a fold-out, “Checkpoint-Friendly” design, approved by the Transportation Security Administration.

The bag has three compartments designed to be folded flat on an X-ray scanner bed. Laid flat, the bag gives the X-ray operator a clear view of the MacBook and anything else inside the bag. There are no pockets or metal components to block the screener’s view. Pretty cool!

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This is how Checkpoint Flyer looks when it is placed on the conveyor belt. The padded sleeve for your MacBook slides between the two outer flaps, and the whole thing snaps together. It is very easy to fold and infold the bag, and your MacBook is be padded on all sides with thick (8mm), closed-cell foam. The sleeve is lined with a soft-brushed tricot knit that protects your MacBook from being scratched.

The Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Case comes in three sizes to accommodate 13″, 15″ or 17″  MacBooks. The laptop sleeve  is completely removable. If your traveling without your MacBook, simply detach the sleeve and leave it at home. The bag can be used without it.

If you decide to upgrade your MacBook to a bigger model, you can purchase a larger-sized Laptop Case for $70.00 and clip it into the bag.

The Checkpoint Flyer comes in four colors and retails for $220.00. Currently, you can only purchase this bag on the Tom Bihn website. The website is user-friendly with a forum for guests to add comments or ask questions about various products.

With well over 10 pockets inside and out, the Checkpoint Flyer can hold everything you will need for a trip. The back of the bag has a zippered slot (for slipping it over the handle of rolling luggage) and a pair of pockets for magazines or a boarding pass.

The Checkpoint Flyer has a host of additional accessories that can be purchased to supplement the bag, such as a $20 toiletries bag, or $7 organizing pouches. Think about all the plastic bags you will save!

This bag lets you choose your adventure, depending on how you accessorize it. The only complaint I have is the lack of a strap. You have to pay $30.00 extra for a shoulder strap.

Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer bag allows you to leave your computer in the bag through airport security.
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Model: Checkpoint Flyer
Company: Tom Bihn
Requirements: All models of the MacBook
List Price: $220.00
Buy Now: The Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer is available from
Tom Bihn for $220.00