Oddball USB stick offers infinite iPhone storage


iBridge gives your iPhone extra storage. Photo: Leef
iBridge gives your iPhone extra storage. Photo: Leef

Slo-mo videos have become my favorite new thing to shoot with the iPhone 6 Plus now that Apple added the ability to spit out gorgeous vids at 240 FPS, but my slo-mo addiction comes at a heavy cost: storage space.

The best smartphone camera in the world doesn’t mean jack if your 16GB iPhone can’t hold another 30 second video, so the guys at Leef have come up with a brilliant solution to ensure you never run out of room for all your video. It’s called the iBridge, and while it might look an ordinary USB-stick, it has the extraordinary ability to add storage to both your iPhone and Mac.


“We’ve put a lot of time into creating a portable storage memory device for the iOS platform that marries the beauty of the iPhone and iPad designs while solving the storage juggle issue,” Leef’s Creative Director, David J. Smurthwaite, told Cult of Mac. “Our innovative ‘J-shape’ mates well with customers on the go while still providing the functionality needed for content hungry users.”

The iBridge comes with a Lightning connector on one side that you can plug into your iPhone, and a USB on the other so it can double as a regular USB drive. Unlike other iPhone storage expansion options, like Mophie’s Space case, iBridge works both with and without a case, thanks its odd J-shape that wraps around the back of your iPhone or iPad to beef up your storage.

iBridge will require users to download its app to add files to the storage drive, but now that iOS 8 lets apps into the share sheet, tossing pictures, music, videos, and other files onto this thing should be a breezy.

Leef tells us all the details will be revealed later this month, with the first units hitting stores before Christmas. For now though they’re keeping quiet on price and how much storage it comes with, but as long as it lets me carry my entire music library without taking up any space, I’ll be happy.



  • William Donelson

    Wow, and at USB 2 data rates!

    • tralalalalalala37

      Ya USB 3 is so useful that the Note 4 actually downgraded from USB 3 to USB 2. /s

  • Javier Gallardo Vía

    So, what’s exactly the difference between this and the Apple “lightning to usb” (camera connection kit)?

    Please, explain; I own one of these Apple lightning-usb dongles, and thought it could only use what’s in “camera roll”…

    What do you mean with “tossing pictures, music, videos, and … other files”? It seems impossible to use music files (etc) by now…
    Ah…! That could be soooo big! Real extra storage space…at last!
    Why is it so difficult?
    (I could accept usb2 speed happily, by the way)

    Thank you

  • Alan

    From the GIF, it appears to be an associated app that you would share the data with on your iPhone. The post also mentions an associated desktop app for loading the files, so I assume they work together with the new share extensions in iOS 8.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    There are already devices called wireless flash drives you can use for extra storage for iPhones and iPads, so this “bridge” isn’t the only solution available to allow extra storage for various types of content.

    • Javier Gallardo Vía

      Yes. I went that way. I try not forgetting to carry with me my Kingston MobileLite to work, but it doesn’t fit in my pocket and its battery must have some power remaining… Not ideal for every situation (and my “camera connection kit” rests in a drawer)
      Is there an app to use this Apple wire in more convenient way?

  • John Owen
  • Craig James Duffy

    How exactly is this infinite?

    • Mykeljon

      In the sense that if you need more space, you buy another device or download data to your computer.

  • Nathan

    By the design, I’m going to guess that it won’t actually work with many cases as you say it does.
    The Mophie Space still looks like a more appealing product.

    • Timbo

      Picked up a 32gb stick like this from some place in China about two months ago through mininthebox.com. Works like a charm. The brand is called Natusun if I remember correctly (left it at work). Plug it into any computer and it sees it as a regular usb stick. Plug it into any iPhone or iPad and it prompts you to download an app which serves as a file manager. With iOS 8 extensibility it’s perfect. You store anything you want on it and open any file on your phone and iPad. Cost me about 60$ shipped. Good quality. You can share files directly from the app through email. Create folders in the app. Move files. Pretty much anything you would want. They have been selling products like this in China for a few years now.

      • tralalalalalala37

        But those required jailbroken devices. This is actually a big deal because apple figured out how to have secure USB due to the sandboxed nature of iOS.

  • Having 128GB storage on my 6Plus works just fine for me.

  • Casey

    If only Apple would put in an SD card slot like on every other phone. And I don’t just mean smartphones. Even flip phones take SD cards

  • If you are having space issues on your iOS8 device, then you upload to Dropbox or a similar service, then delete the iOS copies. Problem solved. So why do we need this exactly?

    • Bleu

      Not everyone is as trust worthy as you obviously are when it comes to relying on saving your important and personal files on a virtual device.

  • Mark

    haha, Apple STILL won’t let you upgrade your storage chip