How to make typing  on iOS as easy as :)



Apple Watch. Apple Pay. Apple TV. Apple has gone crazy for, uh apple.

Not a single new “i” product was revealed on Tuesday, which is a good thing according to the guy that invented Apple’s i-conic naming structure, but kind of annoying when repeatedly referring to Apple Watch in texts.

Apple’s own marketing materials shorten the name by using “Watch”, which is super easy to type on OS X  by pressing Option + Shift + K to pull up the  character, but typing it on an iPhone or iPad is literally impossible. Luckily, our friend Adam Christianson at MacObserver has a quick tip that puts the  on your iPhone keyboard with simple shortcut.

“You actually need to start on your Mac by opening Compose an email to yourself and in the body type just the Apple symbol  (Option+Shift+K) and hit Send. Over on your iOS device open up Mail, open the email you just sent yourself, and copy the Apple symbol from the body of the message.”

From there you can just create a regular keyboard shortcut for  by going to Settings > General > Keyboards > Shortcuts. Tap the + and then paste  into the phrase field, and then type “aapl” or the text of your choosing in the shortcut field.

Boom. Now you can send an Apple logo quicker than an emoji.

2014-09-11 15_08_45

Source: MacObserver

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29 responses to “How to make typing  on iOS as easy as :)”

  1. Aidan Harris says:

    Hmm. Nice tip but what if I were to send this to someone that doesn’t have an iPhone? Is the apple symbol () part of the unicode standard or will other devices choke and just show a blank box?

  2. .rev says:

    Or copy it from the article and stay on the couch.

  3. Jesse Hayges says:

    Or… Or… Just copy and paste the  from the above post into the keyboard shortcuts page in settings. I just did that. Easy as pie.

  4. Noname says:

    Cool. I just saw this discussed on TMO and this Question came up:

    One can not use Apple Symbol – Shift-Option-K on Facebook! As seen here

    I also wonder Why Not?!

  5. Jekahog says:

      

  6. Tim says:

    There’s also apps out there that let you get that character and a lot more too. UniChar is my favorite.

  7. iPhoneEnEspanol says:

    A lot of squares in this article and comments in Windows…. :)

  8. Allen Woo says:

    Just use the simbol app on the iPhone.

  9. KenFromEmpowerMac says:

    I did this yesterday but made other shortcuts: aaw = Watch, aap = Pay, aaaa = 

  10. Ari Rando says:

    Guys, this is pretty cool! Thanks for the tip. Have updated all my phone/email signatures and keyboard with it!! :D

  11. Nhat Huynh says:

    Or you just create a keyboard shortcut right on your Mac, perfectly synced to your iPhone. Done!

  12. Joseph says:

    you can also just imessage yourself and copy the  from there.

  13. Ricardo Campelo de Magalhaes says:

    I just used this article to do it.
    No need of an email just to copy the  ;)

  14. Dan Johansen says:

    Your MAC shortcut do not work on Scandinavian keyboards .
    It is Option + A .. and you will get  ;)

  15. Gregory Dworak says:

    I use an app called Simbol. Much easier and it gives you a whole slew of easily accessed symbols. Much easier than your solution.

  16. Logan Lorenz says:

    Or just copy/paste it from this article like I did. . I also added it to my keyboard shortcuts for  Pay and  Watch.

  17. Pablo González says:

    option+G if writing in spanish keyb…

  18. JSintheStates says:

    Credit where credit’s due! Clever!

  19. MacsAre1 says:

    On Android, Zite shows the Apple symbol as the Cmd symbol and Chrome just shows a space. So I don’t know why you would want to use this symbol in any communications. It’s not Emoji.

  20. 10dier says:

    so, you need finally to type 4 signs to get 1. Clever…

    • Herbal.Ed says:

      So, smart guy, tell us how to do it quicker.

      • 10dier says:

        I have a winner here. I was JUST noticing in a SARCASTIC way, in a kind of FUNNY way, how we needed to type 4 symbols to make 1.
        That’s it. I’m pretty sure you are much more clever than me. Is it ok with your ego?

  21. Jorge I. Hernandez says:

    let’s see…  Hey! it works!

  22. Robert Olmstead says:

    It will also work using iMessage on your Mac pr should I say Message.

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