The iOS @@ shortcut is so useful, you’ll never use your iPhone the same way again


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Text shortcuts are one of the most useful settings in iOS. Having the potential to just hit a couple of keys to input an entire string of text is a wonderful time saver… as long as you have the foresight to set them up first.

Alas, most of us never delve into text shortcuts on iOS 8. But here’s a shortcut anyone can take advantage of: a text shortcut that allows you to cycle rapidly through your email addresses with just a single keypress.

This slick tip comes via Rocket Ink, which calls it the @@ shortcut. When set up properly, just tapping the @ will enter your email addres in iOS. Need to enter a different secondary email address? Tap @ again.

Here’s how to set it up:

Go to > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts and configure them by using the following pattern:

@@ =====> main email address
@@@ ====> secondary email address
@@@@ ===> third email address
@@@@@ ==> and so on

This is very slick, and a good way to easily make text shortcuts work for you. I set it up so the first @ is my iTunes email, the second @ is my personal email, the third @ my work email, and so on. Try it out!

Source: RocketInk

  • To avoid long strings if @ symbols, You could add a letter after @@, like @@a for and @@b for etc. :)

  • Bangali

    Nice 0ne..

  • imaggard

    Thought I was up on all the best shortcuts but this one is incredible! Thanks for the share!

  • SupaMac

    How many times a year does someone at cult of mac post this same “tip”?

    I see it on here all the time.

  • Jacob Kramer

    No one but developers have “delved into text shortcuts on iOS 8”

    Good tip though. I’ll be using it.

  • derkunde

    I’ve been using eml for my main email, and added my company mail (cml), business mail (bml), and my private (zml)

  • Nathanael

    Got a spelling error: “Just tapping the @… addres in iOS”

  • Ari Rando

    I couldn’t add the shortcut on my keyboard. It’s funny but it just didn’t let me. Anyone had the same issue?

  • inviso

    funny, i’m using that exact shortcut since IOS7 Beta (or when did we got these feature?) never thought it’s worth sharing… should think more about sharing… ;)

  • jonathanober

    I also have my home address saved as a shortcut typing in 927e will convert to my house address, tired of typing it out to clients in emails or friends that forget how to get to our place and need gps. :)

  • Stanford

    I like to use a letter I’ll remember and the @ symbol. So, g@ for gmail, w@ for work, etc.

  • Lucas

    Thank you.

  • Wayne

    I’ve been doing this since iOS shortcuts came about, except the ones I use are eml and csemail, although I suppose these would be just as easy

  • jasonstweeting

    For those having trouble:

    Go to > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Tap the (+) icon at the top right

    Shortcut: @@

    Shortcut: @@@

    And so on.

  • Jamie

    What if you’re using @ in the middle of another email address?

    • Kirk Lennon

      The shortcut is @@ (or @@@, and so on), so a single @ won’t do anything.

  • Court Kizer

    When do you ever type your email address?

  • Nathan

    I use the keyboard shortcuts a lot. Specifically for my contact information when I’m entering it as my street is an extremely long name, haha.

  • Maddy

    Was this hidden from Samsung or did they steal that as well?