Poll: Why is Apple building a huge stage for the September event?


Our first question when we saw the pics of the huge stage Apple is hammering into place at the already cavernous Flint Center is: what are they going to show off there? Has Craig Federighi’s hair become too inflated for a proper roof?

Could be a concert (to show off some yet undreamt feature of the long-awaited iPhone 6?) or a fitness demo to get all of us off the couch with the power of the iWatch?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments what else Apple might cook up on that huge stage.

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22 responses to “Poll: Why is Apple building a huge stage for the September event?”

  1. Uncle Bull says:

    it’s a house sized building so errrrrr…. a house maybe?

  2. Victor Hugo Lazari says:

    well, well, well, hasn’t it been always a big event? Wondered, if this all is only because of the “new” fitness tracking app and if it will work for real. :P

  3. BusterH says:

    iPhone screen sizes must be getting really big this year

  4. josephz2va says:

    Well we know there’s the healthkit. We know there’s an iPhone 6 obviously by annual. 6S next year. And everybody else on the Google side has a watch. Apple will obviously carry on the development and build a watch or linkups to third party watches.

  5. Carlos Revelez says:

    Knowing Apple, it’s nothing but signal of something really, really shocking. We’ll see.

  6. Chuck McGinley says:

    Because we need sharks with freaking lasers beams in the demonstration.

  7. CelestialTerrestrial says:

    Maybe they are bringing in some musical act to perform.

  8. Erik Ankrom says:

    It’s a popup multiple story shopping mall with their new wearables (iWatch) integrated into the latest fashion trends. Multiple floors, with sections just like a department store. Many many mannequins. All the new fashion and design execs need a space to show their creativity and integration with Apple’s new products.

  9. PeterPatrick says:

    Obviously it’s going to be a Dr. Dre concert hall.

  10. Maalaisjärki says:

    It’s a hospital and Apple is demonstrating all those things their new health oriented smart watch makes obsolete and fits to your wrist.

  11. sweenst says:

    It’s a hands-on fitness room for the iWatch. Anyone who wants to try out the fitness watch needs actual fitness things to do. There will probably be treadmills and weight machines, taking up a lot of space.

  12. tuneslover says:

    It’s the hair!

  13. Paul says:

    It’s going to look like a house inside designed to show how the iwatch and homekit work together for home automation.

  14. Matthew Taylor says:

    I think it will be used to demo Apple devices in conjunction with Homekit.

  15. Harold Cloud says:

    Huge stage, huge screens. Hopefully 5.5″ iPhone and 13″ iPad. I will buy them both, I will wait if only the 4.7″ comes out.

  16. Steve Jobs will show up on the big stage as a hologram announcing the iWatch. :)

  17. wilberforce55 says:

    I hope it is a stage big enough to fit a new thunderbolt display, the most overlooked product in the apple range

  18. Kr00 says:

    Samsung have stated they will be building a thinner, lighter white box building, but refutes its copied Apples white box building.

  19. AllThoseThingsILove says:

    being built for Bono and his friends ….

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