Twitter is about to get a lot more annoying: Video ads are coming to your stream


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Hey guys, guess what? Twitter’s about to get a hell of a lot more annoying. Video ads in your stream are entering beta!

After months of testing, Twitter is pushing its Promoted Video platform into beta mode, the service announced on its blog yesterday. Twitter claims that native video tweets have higher views and better engagement than past advertising options on the platform.

As such, advertisers will get tools for uploading their ads to Twitter, as well as analytics to see how the ads are performing. A number of verified users and “select content publishers” will start being able to use these tools to push video ads into your streams shortly.

Great, huh? Of course, to Twitter, this all represents a brave new frontier of content for the Twitterverse, and not just the same video advertising crap we have to deal with everywhere else.

The goal is to bring more video into users’ timelines to “create a richer and more engaging Twitter,” the company wrote.

And hey, where better to start than ads, right? Look how well that has worked out for Instagram and Facebook!

Unlike those two services, though, at least Twitter’s video ads won’t autoplay when you scroll past them.

Source: Twitter

  • If I can ignore them, great. If they start auto-playing, I will quit Twitter. I already am not on Facebook or Instagram for a variety of reasons.

  • Andy Shorrock

    So glad I’m not on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

  • I never come on the twitter site itself and only use a third party or the official client as long as these ads stay out of these clients they can do whatever they want but the fact alone that they start doing this means they are no hair better than Facebook and Instragram and hereby have lost a good portion of respect with me.