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Spotify will soon ban accounts that use ad blockers


Spotify Premium update October 2018
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Photo: Spotify

You could soon see your Spotify account banned or shutdown completely if you use an ad blocker.

The music streaming service’s updated terms of service, which go into effect on March 1, now specifically state that using tools or modified apps to block ads is prohibited.

Samsung busted using fake photos to demo a smartphone camera (again)


Samsung uses this DSLR mage to demonstrate the Galaxy A8 Star’s camera.
Samsung uses this DSLR mage to demonstrate the Galaxy A8 Star’s camera.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung uses an image taken by a professional photographer to show off the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy A8 Star. That wouldn’t be a problem except the picture was taken with a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera, not the phone Samsung is pretending it came from.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s not the first time something like this has happened.

Spike Jonze’s amazing HomePod ad wins Cannes advertising award


From The Rock to 'Your Verse': Apple's best ads of the 2010s
This is the second major award for the 'Welcome Home" ad Spike Jonze created for the HomePod.
Photo: Apple

A Grand Prix in the Cannes Entertainment awards went to “Welcome Home,” a long-form ad for the HomePod created by Spike Jonze. The goal of the “Lions”  is to reward education or advertising excellent enough to qualify as art..

Watch the brilliant 5-minute ad below:

Spotify plans to put ‘sponsored songs’ in your playlists


You won't have to listen to music you don't like.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

In its quest to turn a profit, Spotify is searching for new revenue streams and it may have just found a winner: sponsored songs.

The streaming service began testing its new Sponsored Songs feature, which lets record labels promote tracks by automatically adding them to listeners’ playlists, this week. The feature is supposed to only affect users of Spotify’s free tier, but some paying subscribers report that it’s happening to them too.

Saturday Night Live inks deal to create funny ads for Apple


Alec Baldwin has been killing it as President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.
Alec Baldwin has been killing it as President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.
Photo: NBCUniversal

iPhone ads are about to get a lot funnier.

Apple is reportedly planning to inject some much-needed humor into a few of its upcoming commercials after striking a deal with NBC that will see the team behind Saturday Night Live write a few ads for the iPhone-maker.

Apple’s latest failure: advertising


Apple just isn't cut out for the business.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s six-year dabble into the world of advertising has come to an end. The company is reportedly surrendering its iAd program over entirely to publishers. That means publishers will get full control over the creation of ads, ad management and selling them. Apple apparently just doesn’t want anything to do with the ad business anymore.

Toyota radio ad shuts down iPhones because drivers won’t


Toyota Siri radio ad
Oh, Toyota. You puckish tricksters.
Photo: Toyota

Let’s be clear: It is incredibly dangerous to do anything with your phone while you’re driving. You shouldn’t be texting, checking your mail, or swiping through Tinder when you should be focused on all of the people and giant, dangerous machines around you.

But Toyota knows that despite all of the warnings and common sense, some people are just going to chance it anyway. So a new radio ad it’s running in Sweden is taking the choice out of their hands.

You can see the promotional video about the ad below.

Apple Posts Behind The Scenes Look At The Making Of 1-24-14 Super Bowl Ad



After Apple’s Super Bowl ad — which we summarily declared to be so good that it won the Super Bowl without even trying — Apple has posted a behind-the-scenes video to its YouTube channel, showing how the ad was shot.

And how was it shot? On January 24th, Apple directed 15 camera crews across 10 countries armed with several iPhone 5s’s, who were all in communication with one another over FaceTime to stay in sync.