T-Mobile’s latest prepaid plan makes pay-as-you-go sexy and flexible



Slowly but surely, T-Mobile has been trying to not only become the leader of the prepaid cell phone market, but to totally corner it. It’s latest ultra-simple plan takes that mission even further, making pay-as-you-go as simple as $0.10 per minute or text, flat.

The New Pay As You Go plan is completely simple. For a $3 per month minimum charge, you get minutes and text messages at $0.10 each. End of story. If you never use your smartphone, the most it will cost you is less than a cup of coffee.

But data is being simplified too. Let’s say you rarely use data on your smartphone. Now, T-Mobile is giving you an option to subscribe to 4G LTE data for a price of just $5 a day, or $10 for a week-long option. Both data options are limited, with the daily pass topping out at a 500MB limit, and the weekly option topping out at a rather impressive 16GB… not bad for $40.

I have to say, these deals seem tempting. If you never use your smartphone or text messages — say, because you rely on Facetime and iMessages instead — you could conceivably have an iPhone with 64GB of 4G/LTE broadband a month and backup phone and text capabilities for just $43 a month.

Not to shabby. T-Mobile has become the uncarrier indeed.

Source: T-Mobile

  • djdan23323

    Error above… that’s 1 GB per week, or 4 GB per month… Check the source link and press release… Not a horrendous deal, but not nearly as appealing as “64GB per month!”

  • MacAdvisor

    Given the photo shown, T-Mobile seems to be represented by Jack Torrance on a bad day. Red Rum everyone!

  • Patrick Phillips

    I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T for the unlimited data. I feel so freakin liberated even though it’s costing me more for my wife and I than when we had the grandfathered plan with AT&T (and lost when we paused service for 6 months). Our coverage here in the Sacramento area is really good. Not perfect, but pretty darn good and only gonna get better (I hope). I really want T-Mobile to succeed.