Apple doesn’t want you posting your messy iOS screenshots on the web anymore


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It seems like a strange thing, but people who write about iOS apps on the web are often ashamed of their status bars. When they post screenshots of an app, they feel embarrassed by the fact that they don’t have a full signal from their cellular carrier, or a clear connection to WiFi, or 100% battery life. It’s an expression of the pursuit of perfection that marks Apple and its fans as a whole.

You wouldn’t think this is a pathology that Apple would really care about. But apparently, it does. And in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, they’ve figured out a way to fix it.

When using QuickTime in Yosemite’s new ability to record video of what’s on an iOS 8 device’s screen, Daniel Celeste of App Advice discovered something cool: while mirroring your device screen, the new QuickTime gives you 100% cellular, Wi-Fi, and battery, and changes the date to 9:41 a.m in your status bar…. even if you only have 5% battery left in the cellular boondocks at 11:30 p.m. at night.

Now that’s attention to detail!

Source: App Advice

  • dcj001

    “changes the date to 9:41 a.m”

    The date?

    • exapplelover

      “It’s an expression of the pursuit of perfection that marks Apple and its fans as a whole.”

  • I care more about the Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb icons showing needlessly. That’s what makes it messy for me. As well as the carrier name, which I’m glad they removed.

    • I think Bluetooth is on by default in iOS 8. That’d explain the reasoning behind it being there. Not sure why ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is on though…

      • bynary

        Bluetooth is on by default in iOS 7 too. At least it has been for me. Every time I update I have to turn it off again. Thanks, Apple.

      • TheSony/AppleFanatic

        Really? That’s what your complaining about? God people are fucking sad these days.

  • Amrit

    seems so unreal to me

  • Mark Wade

    Why 9:41?

    • Nick West

      Bigger question is why is this article headlined about screenshots, but screenshots on iOS8 don’t change these details, only streaming?

    • Right?

    • Joshua Andrew Forehand

      Was the time that the first iPhone was announced.

    • Adam Carter

      Of the first iPhone they timed when the iPhone would be announced to the public. WWDC 2007 began at 9am and when they timed when the iPhone would be shown on screen, the time was 41 minutes in. Incredible attention to detail (probably by Steve Jobs)

  • MacsAre1

    Now, if only they can figure out a way to make people stop posting screenshots of a photo on social media.

  • Martin Baarda

    Too bad, why don’t they just cut off the bar at the top. This will be so fake…

  • Joe

    When using QuickTime in Yosemite’s new ability to record video

    How dos this presentes people from postín their status bar IN THE WEB? Clickbait title. iSigh.

  • forrie

    Hmm… seems like BS to me. It’s an invasion of privacy, for one – could be construed as censorship of free speech (ie: my phone sucks). Will be interesting to see this — and if it’s real, when it gets cracked ;-)

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      How is it invasion of privacy?

  • timborama

    So in a 5 minute screen recording the time won’t change?? Seems Apple is becoming hyper paranoid, if they don’t want low battery or bars, fix the root of the problem, don’t mask it.

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      They aren’t masking it they are just being really OCD.

    • I think they’re trying to get developers to make ten/twenty/thirty-second screencasts rather than five minute ones. Geez, no-one would have the patience to watch that when decided to buy a simple app. Well at least I wouldn’t.

  • Who wants to create a betting pool for how long it takes for the first class action lawsuit to be filed about this?

    • PMB01

      Never. Nothing about this warrants a lawsuit.

      • Apple tends to get sued for a lot of bizarre stuff. I guess your irony/sarcasm/commentary sense has burnt out?

      • Paul Huskey

        People of all personalities are on this site. We couldn’t tell from your initial post that you were being sarcastic. Keep in mind there’s posts alongside yours about how this is an invasion of privacy and censoring free speech. And that poster is being serious.

        I’m all for it — once they extend the feature to screenshots, we won’t have people constantly commenting on battery life when someone posts a screenshot to any social media.

  • Adam Carter

    I can imagine there’ll be an option somewhere in a future beta or final version to switch this on/off. Assuming the feature stays, and for that matter, is a feature and not a bug.

  • Andrew

    O_o… This is very weird.

  • brandon grendel

    You could also use Status Barred, it’s an app released a couple of years ago it automatically chops off the status bar for you.

  • honeybeeq

    Is this just a glitch? Or Apple’s trying to fix the battery problem by faking it… O.o

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      It’s apple being OCD, get on with your life.

  • Luca Toffoli

    It’s simply a bug. Will be fixed in the next beta release ;)

  • LeonS

    I think it’s more about consistency than about the fear that somebody can see that my battery is down to 4%.

  • besweeet

    If that’s really how things are, I like it.

  • Dave

    Quite stupid, why dont Apple just do away or give the option not to screenshot the status bar instead.