Former Obama spokesman Jay Carney still rumored to be considering Apple PR job


(Photo: Susan Walsh/Associated Press)
(Photo: Susan Walsh/Associated Press)

Is former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney talking to Apple about becoming its new head of PR? That’s the question still circulating around Silicon Valley after a pair of conflicting reports came out earlier this week.

According to a friend of Carney’s who spoke anonymously to Bloomberg, Carney has indeed talked to Apple about potentially filling the recently vacated position.

We still don’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt if it’s true, as Apple (of course) isn’t commenting and neither is Carney. “I’m talking to a lot of different people about a variety of potential opportunities,” he said in a statement. Carney was recently touring many big companies in Silicon Valley, and with no head of PR at the moment, Apple would likely be near the top of his list to visit.

Re/code was the first to report that Carney’s name was being tossed around at Apple. But a rebuttal from The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple shot down the rumor with the curious detail that, “Tim Cook has never even met Jay Carney.”

It’s a weird instance of two publications that are usually well-sourced on Apple starkly disagreeing. Bloomberg chiming in now adds more weight to Re/code’s original report.

Carney recently stepped down after serving as Press Secretary for the Obama Administration for three years. Before that, he was the communications director for Vice President Joe Biden and the Washington bureau chief for Time Magazine. As someone with experience on both sides of the press room and lots of relationships in Washington, he could be a key asset for Apple as it looks to put on a friendlier PR face going forward.

  • That’s almost worth switching to Windows Phone over. Jay Freaking Carney? Seriously???

  • Eric Seaberg

    Agreed with Wayne… we don’t want an ‘Apple Whisperer’ telling us what Jobs’ ghost might be releasing… real PR is a VALUABLE ASSET! Make it count for TRUTH, not BS!!

  • sanfordandsons

    Please tell me that Carney is a fantasy! I have been a Apple Fan Boy since 1979, with Gore on the board and the current social progressive CEO and now this imbecile, I can’t take it any longer.

    • CapnVan

      You’ve had such a problem with Gore on the board that you haven’t done anything about it for 11 years?

      Spare us.

      • sanfordandsons

        so what do you suggest? I have several million rapped up in Apple products, should I give them to you and go get me a Dell?

  • PK070205

    Steve Jobs wouldn’t of had any of this BS. Cook is looking like a political minion of Al Gore! I don’t think it’s good policy to have political hacks on the board such as Al Gore.

    • CapnVan

      Yeah, Steve never would have appointed Gore to the board in 2003 or anything.

      Go back to picking your toenails.

      • PK070205

        I have no doubt that Steve Jobs invited Al Gore the inventor the the “carbon credit” pozi scheme to the board. It’s IMHO not a best practice have high profile political hacks on a board regardless of there political persuasion. Just imagine the outcry by the left if Apple fan boy Rush Limbaugh was invite on the board. My point is all this political pandering didn’t start until after Cook took over.

  • Zander P

    My problem isn’t that I disagree with Obama’s practices as POTUS or the fact that Carney was a paid liar for our Commander-in-Chief. My beef is that this is sooooo far outside of Apple’s character to higher ANY political figure, that it puts a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like Samsung hiring the judge that weighed in their favor. I want no part of a company that would higher such a person for any job in their company. There are hundreds of eligible candidates and they’re picking the most unlikely person for the job. He’s basically a politician.

    Steve would not stand for this. The first person to suggest it would probably have been looked down upon by Jobs, or fired. Please don’t do this, Apple. It kills me, but I definitely WILL go to another handset. Considering the newest iOS UI is a hop-and-a-skip away from the Android design, this would be a very simple switch for me, and I know many many others who would follow suit.

    Tim claims he’s not in it for the stock, but I doubt his board members feel the same.

  • CapnVan

    When Dalrymple says, straight up, “No,” it’s a no. If he doesn’t know, he doesn’t make it a declarative. It’s refreshing in a journalist.

  • Angela

    Furthermore, people hated Jay when he worked for the scandalous administration ever. I couldn’t stand seeing him on TV. Cringe.

  • CommonSense033

    This would make about as much sense as Siemens using Goebbels quotes for PR.

    It would also mean that my department had purchased its last Mac Pro. Because I am the one who makes that decision.

    Seriously, Apple? You don’t know better than to hire a political hack mouthpiece who was paid to lie and distract?

  • mike077

    I don’t think Steve would have done this. Though he was liberal politically (though less so as he got married and had kids and as he had to deal with running a company and making a profit) he loved Apple first.

    • Trolley

      This will be an epic mistake.