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Destiny pre-orders get early beta access on PS4 and Xbox One


Destiny Beta

Arguably the most-anticipated game for the new generation of consoles, Destiny aims to be a sci-fi first-person shooter from the same folks who all but created the genre with Halo back in 2001.

Today, Bungie put out the call: pre-order the game now (which is set to launch to retail in September) and get early, exclusive access to the Destiny beta.

PlayStation 4 owners will get to play first, with a July 17th beta launch date, while Xbox One gamers will get to play just a week out on July 23rd. The beta itself will terminate on July 26, with a special event for all gamers who show up on the games servers before the end of the day.

Check out the trailer below for some gorgeous visuals along with a few details.

Posted at the official Bungie blog, the devs have this to say about the video above.

Look like fun? It’s even more fun with you in there. If you played the Alpha, there are new revelations for you to enjoy. If the Beta will be your first taste of sweet Destiny action, we have amazing sights for you to behold: Character creation. Story missions. Cooperative Strikes. Competitive Crucible matches. Social engagements. Dance Battles.

I’m assuming they’re kidding about the dance battles, but who knows?

The Destiny alpha was a small collection of quests and multiplayer battles with some fairly bland voice over work by Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage, who voices the robot narrator. The beta will have to raise the stakes with the story missions, or, really, who’s going to care?

Mashing up a first person shooter with MMO-style social features seems fairly ambitious, but Bungie/Activision seems to be the one to pull it off. Stay tuned on the 17th when PS4 owners get their first taste of the new content for this sweet-looking upcoming game.

Source: Bungie
Via: PlayStation blog