Dropzone 3, the best way to drag-n-drop on your Mac, just got even better



AirDrop, the wireless file sharing technology built into OS X, is fantastic when it works for the occasional file, but it can be a bit finicky.

For power users who constantly find themselves sharing files online, we recommend Dropzone, a great little Mac App that can significantly boost the ease with which you share files between computers, and drag-and-drop files in general.

Now, Dropzone has gotten even better. With Dropzone 3, the app gains a new Drop Bar for temporarily storing files, AirDrop support, as well as integration with Imgur.

Here’s how Dropzone works. It sits in the OS X Menu Bar, and when you click it, a drop-down window unfurls, with shortcuts to apps and folders, as well as built-in actions you can click to share a file on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

The new update now adds Imgur to the mix, so if you find yourself posting a lot of GIFs to Reddit, this update will make things a lot easier. But the new Dropbar is also pretty cool, which allows you to temporarily hold any number of files so that when you do decide to share them or move them to a folder, you can do it all at once. Beats option clicking, that’s for sure.

In addition to the above new features, Dropzone 3 also adds support for AirDrop and Notification Center.

Dropzone 3 is on sale now for just $4.99. You can try the app before you buy at the link below.

Source: iTunes