Facebook Messenger finally arrives on iPad with free voice calling



Three years after it was released for the iPhone, Facebook has finally brought its Messenger app to the iPad. Like most messaging apps for the iPad, Facebook Messenger features a sidebar of conversation threads with a chat window to the right.

Like the iPhone app, Messenger on the iPad will let you make voice calls to friends over a WiFi or cellular connection. Another voice-related feature lets you send quick snippets of audio to friends by tapping the mic icon in a chat window.


You can send a picture from the new iPad app, but the ability to send video is not included. Facebook Messenger on the iPhone has been able to send 15-second video clips since earlier this year.

There are over 200 million Messenger users, according to TechCrunch. That’s a huge number, and Facebook is clearly wanting the app to be a one-stop shop for your messaging needs—whether that means text, audio, pictures, or video.

Source: App Store

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    I’m guessing the update to the main Facebook app today is to allow for annoying adverts begging us to download Messenger on iPad. Grrrrreeeeaaaat.

  • lucascott

    now how about Instagram