OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 fixes a super-annoying Wi-Fi bug


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Right on the heels of iOS 7.1.2, Apple has released an update to OS X Mavericks in the Mac App Store. Version 10.9.4 of Mavericks features a fix for a bug many have been experiencing related to Wi-Fi connectivity.

There has been a known problem in OS X that keeps some Macs from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi after being woken up from sleep. Apple has addressed the issue in 10.9.4 along with general reliability improvements for waking from sleep. Safari 7.0.5 is also included.

I’ve been dealing with the Wi-Fi problem on my Retina MacBook Pro for a long time. Whenever my Mac is woken up from sleep, I have to manually connect to my Wi-Fi network instead of it automatically connecting like it’s supposed to. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone and that Apple has finally fixed the problem.

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OS X Yosemite is launching in the fall with a new design and a ton of new features. Those of us still waiting on Mavericks should head on over to the Mac App Store and install today’s update ASAP.

  • Landry


  • CreationNation

    I thought it was my personal wifi causing that issue. Good to know I wasn’t crazy!

  • T3@ch@

    Updated… can’t get TRIM activated with the usual tools :(

  • Chris Ripley

    I was going to update my Macbook Air but I couldn’t get it to connect… I thought it was my new router too.

  • Hugh Roberts

    Well, maybe not…just woke my iMac from sleep….took the usual way too long to find wifi signal.

    • Grunt_at_the_Point

      Same here (mid 2012 MBPr) although it is happening less often,

    • Subliminal7X

      I’ve been seeing similar where my MBP is not connecting to known networks and it has to be done manually. Better since the update but now internet connectivity is spotty.

  • Nick Tsiotinos

    Upgraded – on my 2012 15″ Retina – still will not connect to WIFI on wake up……

  • My sufferings continues … after update to 10.9.4 my iMac (late 2013) has still problem to connect to known wifi network after wake up … I still have to manually switch off/switch on wifi :-( I am really desperate … I wait almost 10 months to bug fixing and when it comes it doesn’t work …

    • Rex McDonald

      If you have pre-existing wifi connections, completely delete and recreate them after the 10.9.4 update. This solved the problem for me.
      If you’ve already done the update:
      – reboot
      – Turn off the wifi
      – delete network connections
      – reboot
      – turn wifi back on
      – recreate the connections
      These steps fixed my problem.

      • Rex, thanks a lot for your help … but I triedy exactly how you wrote but without any change … when my iMac goes into deep sleep then it cannot connect to only one preferred network. I have to turn off wifi and turn on again :(

  • Joshua Loh

    it looks like i’m the only one who has updated and got the correct results. my 2012 mac mini’s wifi connection is working well now.

  • K_pow3ll

    This is awesome… A Trick i used to by pass this was setup my wifi as a home network vs automatic. I believe the write up was on here as well

  • David Bixler

    Well good thing I just wiped out all of my known wifi networks from my keychain just days before this release

  • I got similar WiFi problem 3 days back.. increased data packet drop rate. Refreshed 5 to 10 times to load every site .

    Apparently, shutting down & powering on mac and power off/on modem solved it

  • Aaron Moon

    MacBook Pro Retina won’t finish booting after update.

  • Travis Lehman

    FINALLY! I was about to reformat in an attempt to remedy this!

  • hypnoman

    Nope, it hasn’t fixed it. My MacBook Pro still needs the wifi turning off and then on again. Keep trying, Apple. How long will we have to wait before someone makes things work?

  • Guest

    Well, I updated and now my MBP Retina connects but has no internet. This has been happening on various networks. I checked to see if it was an issue with the router/network but my iPad Mini AND my Blackberry Z30 connect and internet works perfectly. I’ve been a Mac user for 20 years now and used to brag to my PC wielding colleagues about Apple reliability but now I’ve never seen as many issues as I’m seeing now ! Maybe I’m missing something but this is happening since the 10..9.4 update.

    • noah weddle

      Someone said to go into network preferences and just delete every prior wifi network it remembers. Then set up your home one and it should clear it up. I just tried it a few minutes ago and it seems to have worked. Time will tell though. Good luck.

  • Nathan

    I noticed that after I did the update, that networks would no longer add themselves to the “Preferred Networks” list, and I still experienced the issue unless I manually added the networks to the list. Once I added the network to “Preferred Networks”, it seems to be working well for me.

  • noah weddle

    Mine was fine before the update. Now that I installed it all a few days ago, my wifi is doing the opposite. It’s not automatically connecting now so I have to manually find the network every time I wake the mbp up. Anyone else??

    • I had a same problem before update 10.9.4 and I have same problem farther :( every time when I wake my iMac it cannot connect to only one preferred wifi network. it is really frustrating …

  • jvob

    Ever since I installed Maverick, my Mac has been a tension-inducing piece of trash. Can’t wait to throw it in the garbage, but I can’t even get it to work enough to get my photos off it.