Gesture-based keyboards land on iOS 8 with TouchPal demo



Swipeable keyboards are finally coming to iOS thanks to Apple’s addition of third-party keyboards in iOS 8. We’ve already seen teasers of Fleksy’s wicked fast keyboard in development, but now TouchPal is giving us a taste of what gesture-based keyboards will be like with it’s working demo of the TouchPal Keyboard.

TouchPal’s captures texts as you slide your finger over the letters to form a word. Sliding up for numbers, or down for a symbol. It’s super fast and convenient, especially if you’re a sloppy texter like me.

Checkout the full demo:

In an email to Cult of Mac, TouchPal say it also has spelling correction and next-word prediction in the works, which were not shown in the demo video. With iOS 8’s release date still months away, everyone from the top Android keyboard developers to indie iOS devs are rushing to capitalize on the new iOS keyboard market.

TouchPal says they’re planning to have a working beta for testing in the next couple of weeks. We’ll give you a hands-on look once its ready.