iTunes Radio adds ESPN and local NPR stations



Sports fans are finally getting more love from the nerds at the mothership, just in time for the World Cup.

Starting today, iTunes Radio users will be able to stream live broadcasts of ESPN’s acclaimed radio shows for free as well local snoozcasts newscasts from the fine folks at your local NPR station.

Not only will ESPN Radio broadcast live World Cup games when the action gets started on June 12th, but you’ll also be able to listen to hit shows like Mike & Mike, The Dan LeBatard Show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd and more, along with coverage of other major sporting events. The new ESPN Radio station can be accessed on the Featured page for most iTunes Radio users, or via a quick search.

Also added today was a host of local NPR stations from across the U.S. The lineup includes stations in major markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Diego, as well as smaller markets such as St. Louis, Austin, New Mexico and more.

To access your local station just run a search for “NPR” in iTunes Radio’s built in search. Each station is automatically added to your My Stations section on the open screen, but can be quickly removed by opening the edit feature and individually deleting each station.

  • Hoolai Street

    No quality control… so I got an email the other day telling me about the new station additions to iTunes Radio. The issue is using the links provided by Apple take me to pages that tell me I need to update to the latest version of iOS, only to be told that I already have the latest update. If I click the next link, I am taken to iTunes however, there isn’t a clear or concise place to view the stations (only ESPN has a tile on the station list).

    I don’t understand the lack of checks and balances especially when rolling out a new feature or option. It really seems that Apple doesn’t want iTunes Radio to be successful. It’s interface is as awkward as GeoCities sites were in the past… .